Stellest in Rome

Italian art star Liana Zanfrisco received me in her studio in Rome, close to the Vatican, to discuss a possible collaboration for a Trans Nature Art Exhibition.

Italian Art Star - Liana Zanfrisco receivesTransNatureArt leader Patrice Stellest in her studio in Rome near the Vatican.
Liana Zanfrisco
Tournage du dernier James Bond devant la porte de B&B.
Art Satrs quarter B&B Vi Degli Ombrellari 53, at Cristina Cerminara’s artist and host.

I met Cristina Cerminara and Liana Zanfrisco at Via Degli Ombrellari 53. I hope to organize an ecofeminist Trans Nature Art exhibition with both of these Italian artists, who expressed a real interest for the project.

Liana Zanfrisco montre son art féministe à Stellest.
Liana Zanfrisca shows me her feminist art.

I made the best of my time in Rome and went to the Museo Nazionale Delle Arti del XXI Secolo and the National Galery of Modern and Contemporary Art. For me, contemporary Italian artists are clearly at the avant garde of the worl artistic tendencies



Italian gastronomy (spaghetti, wine or Arte Povera), if not fashion, clearly justify spending time!

New visual in Progress

The Starman in December and January of 2015. The final version of this 3m15 high sculpture is scheduled for the fall of 2015.

This is the symbolic precursor of a new series of sculptures powered and influences by the climate, which signal irregularities caused by an unrealistic management of our planet’s environment.

Starman – 1989 depiction on a document dating form the middle age.