Renewable Energy Art Solar Fountain

Created in 1993, this sketch represent a solar fountain exposed at Marina Bay des Anges. There are two original drawings. One of wich is in Jacque Chave’s art collection, the other in a private collection in Switzerland.

It introduces, with my work on the Solar Head, the begining of my works on Renewable Energy Arts.

This is a first step in the design of a fountain, adapted from this drawing. Here is an overview of the 3D model.


Stellest meets James Trussart

It was so cool to meet James Trussart at Havana. We participated at a great party at Buena Vista Social Club. He is a great master for the conception of inovative metal guitares wich have the best sound for playing. In my case, ecological experimental blues music. He is a very humble man despite him, building world class guitares.

Together, we spent several hours to conceive an ecological experimental rock’n roll guitare.

 I remember the two of us were inspired by all the creative car parts of the 50s which one can admire accross Havana streets.

Unlike creating a guitare for the world music scene, James was cool to conceive an eco- guitare for Trans Nature and Renewable Energy Art Stellest. I shall use it for my experimental music performances.

With a group of friends, we renewed our hearts with Hemingway, the salsa cuban groove, as well as the scene at Buena Vista social club.

A very special thank you to the James Trussart atelier in Hollywood, California for this incredible Steel Caster guitare. Last thing, the turquoise color patine of this instrument are “Top”!

A warm thank you to Pablo “Balth”.


Stellest Steel Caster created by James Trussart at Hollywood, Los Angeles for Ecological Art Movement: Trans Nature Art.

Great Spanish article about a Swiss retrospective at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid

” EL Museo Reina Sofia de Madrid ofrece una vision panoramica sobre coleccionismo y mecenazgo en el siglo XX en Suiza”

“For a country as small as 40 000 km2 counting only three million inhabitants, Switzerland produced as many internationally famous artists as Jean Tinguely, Giovanni y Alberto Giacometti, Le Corbusier, Amédée Ozenfant, Ferdinand Hodler, Cuno Amiet, Félix Vallotton, Paul Klee, Emma Kunz, Eugène Grasset, Meret Oppenheim, Hermann Scherer, Daniel Will, Patrice Stellest, Oskar Lüthy, among others.”

Link to article here:

Im Obersteg, Staechelin, coleccionismo y mecenazgo


Patrice Stellest – The Hug – Collection M. Tate Londres

LITTLE SISTER – Planetary art project – May 2015 (In Progress)

Imagine for a moment that life is universal energy incarnating itself, in itself, to experience limitation. No wonder we therefore can’t apprehend the infinite immensity of universal cycles with our extraordinary, yet humble human brains. Perhaps symbolizing these systems by an image that fits our scale, will help us remember that we are part of a phenomenal ensemble of chaotically harmonious galaxies and energies, that behold the solutions for us to fit in, but also the quiet power to watch us fade away as an arrogantly imperfect incarnation. As Bacon reminds us in Novum Organum, the only way to triumph of nature is to obey it. This is Little Sister.