I imagined the Stelline in the 70s.

It is part of the mythology of my artistic movement Trans Nature Art, where she represents the energy of nature, Mother Earth. The original attributes I brought this woman’s face has, over time, forged what has become the emblem Stelline; so much so that my face is now inseparable graphic universe

So I declined the Stelline in paintings, drawings, sculptures; and more recently, I imagined a series of pendants  in which each Stelline is unique. Silver, bronze or gold; set with sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and rubies, the pendants are an expression of finesse that the Stelline symbolizes through my work.

If you want more information about Stelline jewelry, thank you for contacting me by email.

3_bijoux-saphirsStelline pendant in sterling silver set with sapphires



Stelline pendant in sterling silver set with emeralds



Stelline pendant in sterling silver set with diamonds and a ruby.

Association Lapachos

It’s with great pleasure that I presented my first solar sculpture to Mrs. Friedrun Sabine Burkhalter, First Lady of the Swiss confederation ; and Mrs. Hilde Schwab, President of the Schwab Foundation and founder of the Davos Economic Forum. These two wonderful ladies illustrate with a great drive the central place we should give to women in our contemporary societies. Through the Eco-Feminism movement, women were the first to mobilise people to defend the environment. We united in the Hotel School of Lausanne around Madame Anne Henchoz, to help her Association Lapachos, that helps sick children in Paraguay.

Stellekeys en fleurs

During the month of June 2011, I went to the Touraine, in the wonderful gardens of the Castle of La Chatonnière, which acquired my Sculpture Stellekeys. On a great day organized for the inauguration of the sculpture, we spent a brilliant and interesting time surrounded by my friend Béatrice de Andia, the Duke of Salinas and the French Minister of Commerce Hervé Novelli. My Stellekeys, which “open the World Energy to he who can dream it, free”, have now found a home to look after. .


In March of 2009, Stellest goes to London in order to take part in a short film directed by his son Pablo. The production, called Pass :on, features eight painters and musicians, and deals with the collective potential induced in an individual expression of passion.

If some of us choose to express it and some of us don’t, the creative energy we call passion lives in all of us. This document explores expressions of passion, through artists who made the choice to live with and for this energy.

8 artists were filmed independently: 

4 painters who did not know each other’s work improvised a visual representation of their passion on 2m of an 8×1,5 m fresco; while the crew captured the artists’ body expressions during the creative process.                

4 musicians who did not know each other were asked to improvise a musical expression of their passion, playing around an identical beat and harmonic range they chose as the production progressed; eventually creating an original piece of music.

As well as a study of the expression of individual passion, this film explores the potential of experimental collaborative creative processes.

None of the people involved knew what the outcome would be.”

                                                                                                        Pablo Magee

The following extract portrays Stellest and the young double bass player Karl Rasheed Abel

The other artists invited were :

–       drummer Antoine Muller :

–       harpist Amanda Whitting :

–       saxophonist and composer John Altman :

–       and painters Kabira Alieva :

–       Axel Veison :

–       and Silvia Krupinska :

Director of photography: Ali Albelooshi

Producer: Margareta Nystrom

Juillet 2011 : Ulrich Zieger

It’s a great event! My dear friend the fantastic poet Ulrich Zieger is publishing a new book. The German paper Die Welt wrote about him that “his book are among the best of contemporary German literature”. The book, “Aufwartungen im Gehäus” (First visit in the refuge), is edited by and I was happy to offer Ulrich one of my photographs to illustrate his piece. I wish him all the success he deserves! Here, he offers us a reading of one of his former books.

First visit in the refuge was written between 1999 and 2004, and it revisits in a ponctual manner what poetry in the last millenium was. It starts with a visit by Victor Segalen in the house of Rimbaud’s sister. The poet died years ago, and Victor found out that she lied about the last words of here brother. This is like a red line all along the text, which takes us through poems, pictures and diaries, between antiquity, middle age and modernism; surely from a postmodern point of view.”

                                                                                                        Ulrich Zieger

Ulrich Zieger


This month of May, I was the artist in residency of the city of Joué-lès-Tours and the museum of contemporary art La Caserne. Invited by the Mayor Philippe le Breton and the delegate of culture Jamal Lansari whom I’d like to thank as well as the entire crew of the city that helped me concretize this ambitious exhibition, I had the joy of presenting many aspects of my work through my monumental sculptures, the pieces of my movement Trans Nature Art, and a touch of music with the opening concert I gave with my good friend Ulrich Zieger and other talented guests. I let you discover this great event in visu.

Images & Vidéo par/ by Tibor Lörincz –

Newspaper article here

Avril 2011 : Stellest Genesis

I’ve had this project in mind for many years, and I am happy to present it today. I worked on it with the young and very talented animator Romain Caudron and Dj Moby offered us the music. Stellest Genesis tells the fantastic tale of my childhood and the way I used to imagine an overwhelming energy, way beyond our understanding that could one day change the disastrous way we conceive our place on Earth. This is the energy I defend with my movement Trans Nature Art.

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