Renewable Energy Art Solar Fountain

Created in 1993, this sketch represent a solar fountain exposed at Marina Bay des Anges. There are two original drawings. One of wich is in Jacque Chave’s art collection, the other in a private collection in Switzerland.

It introduces, with my work on the Solar Head, the begining of my works on Renewable Energy Arts.

This is a first step in the design of a fountain, adapted from this drawing. Here is an overview of the 3D model.


Stellest meets James Trussart

It was so cool to meet James Trussart at Havana. We participated at a great party at Buena Vista Social Club. He is a great master for the conception of inovative metal guitares wich have the best sound for playing. In my case, ecological experimental blues music. He is a very humble man despite him, building world class guitares.

Together, we spent several hours to conceive an ecological experimental rock’n roll guitare.

 I remember the two of us were inspired by all the creative car parts of the 50s which one can admire accross Havana streets.

Unlike creating a guitare for the world music scene, James was cool to conceive an eco- guitare for Trans Nature and Renewable Energy Art Stellest. I shall use it for my experimental music performances.

With a group of friends, we renewed our hearts with Hemingway, the salsa cuban groove, as well as the scene at Buena Vista social club.

A very special thank you to the James Trussart atelier in Hollywood, California for this incredible Steel Caster guitare. Last thing, the turquoise color patine of this instrument are “Top”!

A warm thank you to Pablo “Balth”.


Stellest Steel Caster created by James Trussart at Hollywood, Los Angeles for Ecological Art Movement: Trans Nature Art.