Great Spanish article about a Swiss retrospective at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid

” EL Museo Reina Sofia de Madrid ofrece una vision panoramica sobre coleccionismo y mecenazgo en el siglo XX en Suiza”

“For a country as small as 40 000 km2 counting only three million inhabitants, Switzerland produced as many internationally famous artists as Jean Tinguely, Giovanni y Alberto Giacometti, Le Corbusier, Amédée Ozenfant, Ferdinand Hodler, Cuno Amiet, Félix Vallotton, Paul Klee, Emma Kunz, Eugène Grasset, Meret Oppenheim, Hermann Scherer, Daniel Will, Patrice Stellest, Oskar Lüthy, among others.”

Link to article here:

Im Obersteg, Staechelin, coleccionismo y mecenazgo


Patrice Stellest – The Hug – Collection M. Tate Londres

LITTLE SISTER – Planetary art project – May 2015 (In Progress)

Imagine for a moment that life is universal energy incarnating itself, in itself, to experience limitation. No wonder we therefore can’t apprehend the infinite immensity of universal cycles with our extraordinary, yet humble human brains. Perhaps symbolizing these systems by an image that fits our scale, will help us remember that we are part of a phenomenal ensemble of chaotically harmonious galaxies and energies, that behold the solutions for us to fit in, but also the quiet power to watch us fade away as an arrogantly imperfect incarnation. As Bacon reminds us in Novum Organum, the only way to triumph of nature is to obey it. This is Little Sister.


Monumental sculptures exhibition – October 2014 –

Presentation of a few monumental sculptures in Joué-Les-Tours in October of 2014, on the City Hall plaza in Joué Lès Tours. The exhibition was curated by the talented Jamal Lansari.

Solar Peace Rider - Chevalier solaire


Intitulé : Solar Peace Rider, à 5H du matin.
The Solar Peace Rider at 5 in the morning.
Sculpture TransNatureArt au pavillon büren.
Trans Nature Art sculpture at the Pavillon Buren


Intitulé : Stelline. Exprime : Parler d'amour, penser la paix ("Speak love, think peace").
Stelline – Expresses the need to speak love, to think peace.
Dessin de la sculpture "Stelline", fait à Bale 2013 à l'atelier Honoré Berrel, à Bale. Assistance technique de Martine Bühler et Marcus Odermatt (MAB-AG).
Depiction of the Stelline, made in Basel in 2013 a the studio of Honoré Berrel. Honoré is the technic assistant of Martin Bühler and Marcus Odermatt (MAB-AG).
Oeuvre d'art faite à la pizzeria à Artannes-sur-Indre
Pizzeria La Casadéenne in Artannes-sur-Indres. I made this collage for Marie-Noëlle Lansari on an Italian Pizza Box. It is a nature woman. Title: Little Green Sister, Series 1 – Collage – Eco Art.

Solar Disc Head (In Progress)

These past years, examples of Climate change have flourished through the world.

Whether you look North or South, East or West; winds, cyclones and storms are getting more and more violent. The 230 Km/hr winds that blew lately in the Philippines particularly caught my attention. Maybe the recent studies that prove the unexplainably high levels of aluminium particles in the atmosphere can depict a regrettable aspect of the problem?

Be as it may, these phenomena are now entering my sculptures, which are now directly connected to the climate, through THE DISC. What is THE DISC, might you ask. Well THE DISC is put in chaotic motion by an electro-magnetic field powered by solar energy. It is therefore in perpetual movement. But when the temperatures around the sculpture get higher than what they should be, the system stops, and a red diode on the disc starts to blink. In the same time, a red laser shoots up in the sky through the top of the opus. The sculpture therefore becomes a climate change alarm.



An interactive 3D view of the Solar Disc Head.