Nasha Café de la paix

I present to you my first music video clip “Nasha café de la paix”. Composed and produced by Stellest, also on guitar and vocals, not to mention Lino on guitar, Fernando Saunders on bass, Bobby surround, Jan Peyer, Irina Mossi, Giulia Singer and Christine Donzel.
The video is produced by Stellest and Tibor Lörincz on camera and editing.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it. Other clips are coming on the new Stellest Music Youtube channel, as well as other video footage and interviews.

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Renewable Energy Art Made In France Animation Clip

This short 3D animation clip introduces Renewable Energy Art project (REA) and Trans Nature Art (TNA), born in France in 1992, with the characters Stellest and Steline. They are a metaphor for environmental protection and renewable energy applicable to all areas of life (New World Civilization).
Stellest was a student of Jules Engel at the California Institute of the Arts (Experimental Animation). At the present, Stellest works with Romain Caudron (3D Modeler) in the south of France.

Planets for sale!

REA (Renewable Energy Art)

In order to adress obvious climate global warming … The world has to transform urgently to ecological industry based on a renewable energy, production and conception must be in perfect balance.

The idea that you can deregulate  by undoing all security fuses is absurd and irresponsible. It will lead to irreversible and dangerous consequences for the planet.

Given the actual situation on the planet, humanity is obliged to adapt to natures laws… It is a unique chance to develop new energies forgoing further natural disasters…

Eliminating useless confrontation is demanded in order to focus on the one and only problem: “GREEN CLIMATE CHANGE”.


Renewable Energy Art Solar Fountain

Created in 1993, this sketch represent a solar fountain exposed at Marina Bay des Anges. There are two original drawings. One of wich is in Jacque Chave’s art collection, the other in a private collection in Switzerland.

It introduces, with my work on the Solar Head, the begining of my works on Renewable Energy Arts.

This is a first step in the design of a fountain, adapted from this drawing. Here is an overview of the 3D model.